What is a non woven bag?

Nonwoven Bags - A Popular Material For Retail Shopping Bags Nonwoven polypropylene bags are made by taking polypropylene polymers and converting them into long pile yarns, and then combining the yarns to obtain a flexible fabric having a yarn-like structure.

Why are non woven bags eco friendly?

Non-woven bags and paper bags are made from recycled materials. However, as they are recyclable, they are perfect for our environment as they do not create little or no pollution.

Nonwoven Bags made from Which Material?

Nonwoven PP is made by taking polypropylene polymers and using heat and air to long pile yarns such as cotton candy, then rotating the yarns by pressing each other between the hot rollers to obtain a flexible but rigid fabric having a canvas-like woven-like texture.

What is the Advantage of Nonwoven Fabrics?

The full name of the NonWoven fabric must be nonwoven or nonwoven. This is because it is a type that does not require spinning of the woven fabric, but the formation of the textile fiber or filament, fiber network structure for directional or random support, and subsequent mechanical, thermal or chemical methods and reinforcement. Nonwoven fabrics exceed the traditional textile principle and feature short process flow, fast production, high efficiency, low cost, wide usage and many raw material sources.

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