What is a NON-WOVEN bag?

Non-Woven bag is an Eco-friendly bag, which has made by taking polypropylene polymers and converting them into long pile yarns and then combining the yarns to obtain a flexible fabric having a yarn-like structure.

Why NON-WOVEN bags are Eco-friendly?

The first reason Non-Woven bags and paper bags are Eco-friendly is that they are making from recycled materials. However, since they are recyclable, they are perfect for our environment.

What kind of material we are using for NON-WOVEN bags?

Nonwoven PP is made by taking polypropylene polymers and using heat and air to long pile yarns such as cotton candy, then rotating the yarns by pressing each other between the hot rollers to obtain a flexible but rigid fabric having a canvas-like woven-like texture.

What is the advantage of NON-WOVEN fabric?

Non-Woven fabric is a type of woven fabric that does not require spinning. Non-Woven fabrics exceed the traditional textile principle and have the characteristics of short process flow, fast production, high efficiency, low cost, wide usage and many raw material sources.

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    After the new law, we have a contract for cloth bags. Provides designs and speed for the production process thank you very much.

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    We did a nice demo for the cloth bags that we will distribute to our customers for promotional purposes, They have increased the perception of our brand as design. Definitely a professional, competent company.


We take care of nature with totally eco-friendly Non-Woven bags. We produce wholesale Non-Woven bags with a capacity of 70.000 pieces per day with 20 years of industry experience. Why should we use BEZ bags?
Non-Woven bags are made of materials such as cotton and jute. They are extensively reusable, recyclable and even completely biodegradable when destroyed. This makes them extremely safe and healthy for the environment, which is already in a very bad circumstance because of all the dangerous things we use in our daily lives. On the other hand, plastic bags can be reuse to some a certain extent, but they cannot be recycled and absolutely cannot be biodegradable. Instead, they block drainages and waste's storage spaces and make the already bad waste disposal even worse.
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